Dr Bruce Lipton inspires at integrative health conference

Attendees at this year’s Australasian Integrative Medicine Association conference in Auckland, New Zealand were wowed by an opening presentation by world – leading biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton.

Dr Lipton’s presentation took a riveting journey through medicine, from its early origins, through Newtonian science and into the world of Quantum physics. A passionate pioneer of the new biology and epigenetics, Dr Lipton emphasised that medicine must now be relevant to the energy -based quantum world.

His presentation set the scene for a dynamic and varied conference programme, which included world leading experts on molecular genetics, nutrition and lifestyle, environmental toxicity, naturopathy, natural complementary and integrative medicine, medicinal cannabis research and leading-edge approaches to mental illness.

Key speakers included Professor Stephen Myers, Director of the NatMed Research Unit in Sydney, Professor Julia Rucklidge, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Justin Sinclair, Research Fellow at Australia’s National Institute of Complementary MedicineDr Denise Furness an expert in genes and nutrition, and Nicole Bijlsma, a building biologist and Healthy Homes expert.