Living in Deep Health

Our Work

Le Vivant's work since 1999 has spanned pure plant–derived medicines, integrative medicine centres and complementary therapies that provide supporting care for patients. Our work is built on nature-based solutions developed within a robust scientific framework.

Le Vivant works alongside leading-edge scientists and researchers and therefore benefits from their ever-increasing scientific knowledge of how the universe – and healing, works.

One of Le Vivant's first projects was the development of a pharmacology laboratory (Sevene) using the purest medicinal plants.

Le Vivant is an initiator, supporter and collaborator on projects and initiatives that help individuals and societies to achieve Deep Health. Its work is funded through philanthropy and private donations.

Our projects

Pure medicines & pharmacology

An alternative to conventional drug based 'pharma', Sevene pharmacology produces plant-derived medicines that are pure, natural, and evidenced-based.

Integrative Medicine centres

Integrative Medicine takes a holistic and in-depth approach to patient diagnosis, treatment and care, that is often missing from modern 'transactional' health systems.

Supporting Care

In primary or hospital settings, evidence -based complementary therapies provide vital supporting care for patients recovering from illness or surgery.