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Supporting Care

Patients recovering from illness or surgery are often at a low ebb, with depleted energetic resources that affects their capacity to heal.

Harmonisation offers patients physical and spiritual supporting care during the healing process. It involves the opening and nourishing of the body's energy centres using gentle touch, while the harmoniser is centred in prayer.

It has been used widely across the Le Vivant health network for nearly 20 years, although its origins may go back centuries.

Le Vivant supports the complementary therapy, harmonisation and has commissioned research into its effect on patients.

Scientific research into the effects of harmonisation are ongoing, but one study in 2006, confirmed much of the anecdotal evidence from those who have been harmonised. The study found that patients experienced a significant lowering of brain activity in the opening stages of harmonisation, implying a state of calm focus. Significant, positive changes to heart beat respiration ratios were also observed during the 'nourishing' phase of the therapy.

There is much more scientific investigation to be done to understand the link between energetic medicine, like harmonisation and the emerging reality of a quantum world.

"I wanted to extend a huge thank you for providing harmonisations at the 2022 AIMA Conference. The attendees raved about their experiences with you and we are so incredibly grateful for your generosity. It adds such an important element to the event and I certainly appreciated my own session."
Jo Ewer, Administrator Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA)

"Harmonisation is not a therapy in the narrow medical sense, but rather an adjunct and a form of support. Harmonisation does not replace medical indications but it helps patients, as well as healthy people, to find an autonomous way of managing their lives."
Dr Michael Lerner, in the German edition of his book Choices in Healing (Piper, Munich publications)

Potential applications

Harmonisation has the potential to be used in a number of settings – for patients who are significantly unwell and perhaps experiencing debilitating treatment side effects, those who are recovering from surgery and those who have experienced a physical and emotional trauma, such as burns.

It can also relieve pain, induce relaxation and alleviate loneliness and grief.

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