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In the 21st Century, we are called to understand the world of energy.

Quantum physics, the science of energy, is the science of the 21st Century. As radical as Darwinism in the Victorian Age, quantum science challenges our notion of the universe and our place within it.

When physicist Max Planck accepted the Nobel Prize in 1918 for his study of the atom, he declared "there is no matter as such". Since Planck's startling assertion, science has shifted away from the notion that the fundamental nature of matter can be considered from the point of view of substance (particles, quanta). Under Quantum theory, it has moved to the concept that the fundamental nature of the material world is knowable only through its underlying patterns of wave forms.

As David Bohm explained, "what we call empty space contains an immense background of energy, and that matter as we know it is a small, "quantized" wavelike excitation on top of this background, rather like a tiny ripple on a vast sea." This 'sea' is a sea of consciousness, an invisible 'field' which we all have the capacity to draw from.

This view of the universe applies also to humans and to health. Quantum physics views the body as waves or particles of energy. From this perspective, reality appears to be a series of rapid bursts of energy, pulsing at specific rates to produce predictable and consistent wave forms. It is these patterns of information that our brain "sees" and averages together to produce the perception of a solid, continuous event.

This seismic scientific shift has hardly impacted on the general consciousness of the conventional medical world, yet it is almost certainly an essential element of understanding the effects of the placebo, acupuncture, homeopathy, meditation, harmonisation and a host of other effective healing strategies.

Science is now providing an explanatory framework for touch therapies, including harmonisation, in terms of the interaction of human energy fields.

Extracts from a paper prepared for Le Vivant by Susan Ballinger, PHD, Clinical Psychologist

Quantum science offers insights into how energetic medicine works and could provide us with evidence of both physical and spiritual aspects of healing

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