Living in Deep Health

What is Deep Health?

We experience Deep Health when we are living fully on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual and in a symbiotic relationship with our planet. 

Today, stress, anxiety and depression are contributing to an unprecedented epidemic of chronic diseases. While pollution of our air, soil and water is making us sick too.

As we become more disconnected from ourselves, from the earth and from each other, we need to harness science and nature to help restore us to Deep Health.

Working with science and nature to help bring Deep Health to an increasingly toxic world

Le Vivant's work since 1999 has spanned natural medicines development, integrative medicine centres and complementary therapies that help restore people to Deep Health. Our work is built on nature-based solutions developed within a robust scientific framework.

We also facilitate and welcome open-minded discourse on Deep Health, and on the implications for health of the latest, exciting developments

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About Deep Health

What if plants react to sound? What if living cells were endowed with sound perception?

The "genodic process" characterizes sequences of waves naturally associated with the translation of genes into proteins. By using series of harmonized sounds, directly tuned to amino-acids, the sequences of which compose proteins, it is possible to stimulate or inhibit, upon the agreement of the subject concerned, the synthesis of any type of protein, at cellular level and in a specific way. 

This new and non-invasive approach of the living is already used in agriculture (viticulture, gardening and breeding). Other applications are under development: read more information.

Fifth HRI's conference will be held in London, 16-18 June 2023

The Homeopathy Research Institute’s 5th International Research Conference  will explore both the exciting developments and unique challenges of homeopathy research. This event will bring together the best researchers in the field from around the world, to present and enjoy a programme dedicated solely to high-quality scientific research. More information. 

Study shows integrative doctors heed antibiotic warnings

March 3, 2023
The World Health Organisation (WHO) again warned about high rates of antibiotic resistance. It has noted that a growing number of infections, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea and salmonellosis are becoming harder to treat.Yet prescription rates of antibiotics continue to exceed what is cl...
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