Living in Deep Health

What is Deep Health?

We experience Deep Health when we are living fully on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual and in a symbiotic relationship with our planet. 

Today, stress, anxiety and depression are contributing to an unprecedented epidemic of chronic diseases. While pollution of our air, soil and water is making us sick too.

As we become more disconnected from ourselves, from the earth and from each other, we need to harness science and nature to help restore us to Deep Health.

Working with science and nature to help bring Deep Health to an increasingly toxic world

Le Vivant's work since 1999 has spanned natural medicines development, integrative medicine centres and complementary therapies that help restore people to Deep Health. Our work is built on nature-based solutions developed within a robust scientific framework.

We also facilitate and welcome open-minded discourse on Deep Health, and on the implications for health of the latest, exciting developments

News and events

About Deep Health

"Medicine of Possibilities, the Tree of Life": training that bridges the gap between all forms of medicine

The free Academy of Integrative Medicine (ACALMI), based in Geneva, Switzerland, is launching its first 10-weekend course to understand what Integrative Medicine really is. This course, which is aimed primarily at doctors and healthcare professionals, will give the keys to understanding the different mechanisms of alternative medicines and how they can be combined with conventional allopathic medicine.

"Medicine is so complex and so vast when all the knowledge of all the peoples of the world and in the history of time is brought together, that it takes a great deal of time, experience and open-mindedness to arrive at a synthesis that can be used to treat humanity today. This knowledge is now available to anyone who wants it, and it is my vocation, and that of those I have gathered around me, to pass on, at the start of the third millennium, the new keys to knowledge in the service of health and prevention, with real predictive and personalised potential, and with a real desire for participation at all levels. These are the foundations of integrative medicine!" Dr Béatrice Milbert

More information about the training

Fifth HRI's conference took place in London, 16-18 June 2023

With 230 attendees from 27 countries, HRI’s conferences remain truly international. HRI London 2023 will be remembered for its inspiring blend of ‘old and new’, with a programme notable for the maturity of the evidence presented by experienced names drawing on decades of work, as well as the enthusiasm and skill of up-and-coming researchers who took the floor to present their new findings.

View the conference report

HRI Research

Five Kogi Indians in Europe for a diagnosis of the Earth's health

October 23, 2023

Five representatives of the indigenous Colombian Kogi people and around fifty European scientists met in Switzerland and France from 25 September to 17 October 2023 to share their knowledge and carry out a joint diagnosis of the health of vulnerable area in the Rhône basin, Corsica and Ile-de-France.

The meeting was organised by the Tchendukua - Ici et Ailleurs association, founded in 1997 by Eric Julien and Jacqueline Bac. Its mission is to restore to the indigenous Kogi people their ancestral lands in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.500 years after the arrival of the conquistadore...
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