Therapeutic Centre des Princes

The Centre offers different forms of supporting care which are complementary to conventional medicine. Therapists at the Centre work with their patients to integrate the body psyche and emotional aspects into their care. This holistic approach brings about the best environmental, therapeutic and personal conditions for recovery and ongoing health.

Through this deeper level of connection with patients, the Centre's approach is personal, preventive and participative.

Molecular Vibrations

The Centre also offers a vocal technique called Molecular Vibrations (MV) which helps to re-establish vibrational harmony in the cells of the human body. Each cell is characterised by a specific vibratory frequence which may be disturbed by exterior pollution and interior pollution (stress, anxiety, fear). Molecular Vibrations restore the original cellular harmony, and facilitate correct physiological and behavioural functioning.

Centre thérapeutique des Princes, 1 rue des Princes, 92100 Boulogne
Elisabeth Large-Charpentier, osteopath
Elisabeth Large-Charpentier, osteopath

Personal, preventive and participative care

The pluridisciplinary team includes:

two osteopaths

a kinesiologist

a fasciapulsologist

a coach in physical activities

a psycho-energetician.