Living in Deep Health

Invitation to Health, Sydney Australia

Since it was founded in 2003, Invitation to Health (ITH) has grown steadily over the years and is now a booming practice north of Sydney in New South Wales. ITH serves many thousands of patients and has a team of nearly 20 integrative practitioners.

While ITH treats all conditions, it has become specialised in medicine which addresses the underlying environmental and biochemical causes of illness. Patients appreciate the active listening they receive and the deep diagnosis that will look at their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Many patients come to ITH for chronic and difficult to treat conditions that may have been unresolved for many years.

ITH combines the skills of integrative physicians with a team of complementary practitioners who together provide uniquely person-centred, holistic care.

256 Henry Parry Drive, Wyoming, NSW 2250 AUSTRAL

ITH Vision

To allow people to experience the fullness of their being, through a new practice of medicine