Proposals to improve your well-being and lifestyle as we move out of confinement

By P. Caldicott, C. de Bartha, B. Milbert et S. Scheffer, Doctors of medecine, C. Laurant, Anthropologist PhD, and H. Zaphiriou-Zarifi, psychoanalyst

The containment imposed by most states to protect the most vulnerable (especially the elderly) and to avoid overloading intensive care services is gradually being phased out. This period required a fringe of the population to work more intensively (hospitals, teleworking in different companies/associations, while managing the family at home, etc.); some had to cope with illness, others found themselves working reduced hours or unemployed; others faced loneliness, multiple anxieties due to a situation becoming more precarious - anxieties fueled by media information focused on the development of Covid-19; still others went through this period with serenity. 

We all aspire to the ending of this confinement, but it can be a source of additional concern because of the many uncertainties: is a second wave of infection possible? Are those I will approach in my work, in shops, etc., carriers? What are the risks for my children when they return to school?

It is obviously important and necessary to follow the guidelines and recommendations adopted in each country (masks, gloves, safety area, cleaning of hands, workspaces, transport...).

For people who have experienced this confinement with anguish, fear of being contaminated or other fears inherent in their medical history, the ending of confinement will have to be gradual.

Therefore, we offer advice to accompany this period on several levels:

  1. Supporting immunity
  2. Supportive nutrition
  3. Advice for sleep hygiene
  4. Emotional balance
  5. Vitality

The preventive advice for the ending confinement includes natural and adapted measures to maintain health, this advice is general and does not in any way replace advice and care by the general practitioner and/or specialist. The doses indicated are the doses recommended by most nutritionists, herbalists and homeopaths. 

In case of signs of "flu" or coronavirus, it is particularly important to contact your doctor.

1. Supporting immunity

(Doses for adults only)

  • Zinc to be taken in the evening (better absorbed), in the form of a trace element, or 25 mg in the form of gluconate, bisglycinate or orotate;
  • vitamine C, 2 to 3 times a day,
  • vitamine D, 2000 UI per day
  • Echinacea purpurea, 10 days per month (contraindicated in people with immuno-suppressive therapy);
  • the other 20 days of the month: blackcurrant buds (Ribes nigrum, contraindicated in heart failure, kidney failure and people taking cardiac drugs) and rosehip buds (Rosa canina);
  • Plantain tea (Plantago major),
  • probiotic based on lactobacilli, bifidobacterium,
  • Copper, Gold, Silver trace elements, 10 days per month,
  • Selenium in the form of 3-5 Brazil nuts per day (except for allergy sufferers),
  • Yersin serum 9CH, 5 granules once a week.

2. A balanced diet

It produces energy and protects against fatigue. Every day, depending on your allergies or intolerances:

  • 6-7 different colored vegetables and some fruit,
  • proteins: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, various nuts, good combination of starchy and oleaginous legumes (beans, chickpeas...),
  •  Omega-3 in sardines, cod liver, herring...
  •  Limit bread to 1-2 times a day,
  • 1.5-2 L filtered water, free of heavy metals,
  • avoid the consumption of refined sugars,
  • support the liver with rosemary buds; in homeopathy: Taraxacum D4/Berberis D5/ Lappa major D4 in 3-week cures;
  • maintain a good digestive balance with herbal teas: peppermint, lemon balm, mallow or blackcurrant can be combined in 9-day cures.

3. A good sleep

It affects immunity and morale:

  • go to bed early enough, but not right after dinner,
  • stop wifi at night (impacts the pineal gland which secretes the sleep hormone),
  • put cell phones on airplane mode,
  • avoid screens within 2-3 hours before going to bed,
  • regular exercise: walking, sports, yoga...
  • Plants: linden, passionflower, lemon balm; homeopathic remedies such as the combination of Valeriana D6/Passiflora D4/Crataegus D8.

4. Emotional, affective and spiritual balance

As mentioned above, confinement may have been a period of disturbance in one's own emotional balance due to isolation, family tensions or teleworking; many fears may have been fueled by the infectious context and the information disseminated by the media and social networks.

We could feel helpless.

One can also be in grief and mourning, yet not be able to pay tribute to those who have died. We can feel guilty about not being able to be near them.

Confinement could also be a comfortable and secure space, so that reopening oneself to the world becomes an ordeal, an insecurity.

In exchanges via social networks or other media, one can feel assaulted by certain violent reactions and be weakened by them.

It seems useful to ask the questions: "Has this event changed my outlook, my expectations, my needs? Did it change me?"

It is important to share your emotions with your loved ones, a friend, a psychologist or psychotherapist, your doctor.

Some homeopathic specialties can be supportive: 

  • Arsenicum album 30 CH, against the fear of illness and death; 1 globular dose or 10 granules, once a week;
  • Gelsemium 15 CH if fears are paralyzing, such as fear of going out; 3 granules x 1-2 per day;
  • Argentum nitricum 15 CH, if anxiety pushes activity or hyperactivity, do everything in precipitation; 2 granules x 1 per day;
  • Valeriana D6/Passiflora D4/Crataegus D8 against nervousness; 3 granules x 3-4 per day,
  • Ignatia 15CH, against grief, and Mancinella 15CH, against guilt; 1-2 times a day 3 granules.

+ Also engage in physical activity.

+ Practice meditation, times of prayer, times of silence.

5. Vitality

Being confined for 6-7 weeks or having been infected with the coronavirus can lead to physical fatigue, even with good sleep, diet, and exercise. The lack of direct human contact makes us vulnerable. Our resolutions can weaken.

To regain this vitality, it is of course necessary to take care of one's diet, sleep and physical exercise.

You can accompany with

  • CuOrAg as a trace element, as already recommended for boosting immunity,
  • Kali phosphoricum D6, 3 granules x 3 per day,
  •  Gelsemium 9 CH, especially after any kind of flu; 3 gr x 3 per day,
  • isotonic seawater (Quinton plasma),
  • Avena sativa.