By P. Caldicott, C. de Bartha, B. Milbert et S. Scheffer, Doctors of medecine, C. Laurant, Anthropologist PhD, and H. Zaphiriou-Zarifi, psychoanalyst The containment imposed by most states to protect the most vulnerable (especially the elderly) and to avoid overloading inten...
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The memory of water

March 10, 2018
By Dr BĂ©atrice Milbert, General Practitioner. The first person to speak about the memory of water was Jacques Benveniste, - but his theory concerning the memory of water essentially caused the end of his career. Having brought an extraordinary light to the mysterious aspect...
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Many people afflicted by cancer turn to "supportive care" in order better to manage the shock of the illness and its treatments - operation, chemo or radiotherapy. Homeopathy is the remedial care most frequently used to attenuate fatigue, anxiety, the side effects of the tre...
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A fair go for homeopathy

June 23, 2017
By Dr Penny Caldicott, President of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association. A 2015 Australian report on homeopathy wasn't particularly good news for at least 200 million consumers worldwide who use homeopathic remedies. Or for the new wave of integrative medici...
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